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Related post: Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 10:40:10 +0000 From: Maddy Subject: Orli, Chapter NineDisclaimer: I do not know Orlando Bloom or any other celebrities who may or may not appear in this story. It's a work of fiction, that I made up. Although, my birthday is the same day as Orlando's. I don't know how that affects anything, but I just like to tell people. I have no idea of Orlando's sexuality, but this story is not implying anything about it. Again, I say, FICTION.This story isn't going to be all sexy, all the pre teen sock time. It'll probably get steamy, but you'll have to give it a while. It's like soup. It needs to simmer before it can boil. However, any eroticness you do read, is pree preteenboys going to be homosexual man-on-man action, so if you're under 21, 18 or however the hell old you have to be where you are, go and have a sandwich. If the thought of guys doing 'stuff' offends preteens pedo you, you might want to go and have a snack also.Well, nakid preteen models I think that's about it. Oh, no, hang about. If you steal my story I will be very angry. E-Mail me before you post it anywhere else, or ooh, I'll be cross.Right. Here's where things get all steamy, boys. This chapter is pretty much entirely sex, and I know there's a couple of you who aren't reading the story for that, so you can go and have a drink and come back for Chapter Ten and you won't have missed anything devastating. For those of you who only want the sex, glad you made it this far!-------------------------------------------------------------------------Previously . . .A pair of strong hands gripped me from behind and spun me round. Vaguely, chubby japanese preteen I registered nude webcam preteen that the door had been locked. Orlando stared into my face, leant forward and gave me a passionate russians preteens x kiss, his tongue forcing its way urgently between my parted lips, and wrestling panty preteen girl with my own happily-participating tongue.I pulled back - why? Why? - and looked at him. 'What's going?'I felt his hands reach down to my ass. Instead of cupping it through the material, they slid straight down behind the waistband.Orlando's hands were cupping my actual asscheeks. As a jolt of electricity surged through me, I leant forward into him and felt his lips brushing my ear.''I'm ready.''You mean . . .?''Yeah. I want to make love to you.'-------------------------------------------------------------------------ORLIChapter Nine'Wha-wuh-huh?' was pretty much all I managed to get out before Orlando's lips were pressed against mine again. He basically kissed my open mouth, because I was still trying to figure nude french preteens out what was going on and I'm not much for the concentrated movement when I'm thinking about stuff. I was brought back to reality with a snap as I felt Orlando's hands sliding down inside my trousers again. His strong hands cupped my ass, squeezing the muscles under the surface, and I sighed deeply into his mouth nude preteens pu as I felt myself getting hard against him.I could feel his own hardness pressing against my hip through the material of his clothes. The air around us was becoming hot - I was pretty sure that if anybody tiffany preteen models came in we'd be lost in a big shimmer of heat. The kiss started becoming more intense, Orlando's tongue fighting with mine, his lips crushing mine, almost bruising them with his intensity. One hand withdrew from my ass and moved back up to preteen nudist pixs cup my head, holding me against him, not that I needed to be held.I ran my hands gently down his front, feeling hard muscle under the tight top he was wearing. As my fingers brushed over the areas where his nipples were, I felt them grow hard under my touch. Orlando responded with a throaty groan that echoed deep inside my mouth, and pulled me closer to him.I could really feel his hardness now, extending along his hip and pressing against mine as it pushed forward, trying to escape from the tight material it was encased in. I slid a hand down past Orlando's stomach and found my way to his groin, where I stroked the inside of his left thigh for a moment before sliding my hand across and nude skinny preteen touching his cock through the fabric.It jumped as my fingers preteen puss nude made contact with it and even through the material I could feel heat and desire radiating from it. He preteen 16 xxx certainly wasn't under-endowed - I couldn't tell the size because of the fabric in the ukraine preteen piss way but it wasn't a little one, that much was obvious. In response Orlando's hand started kneading my ass harder, eliciting a soft, low moan that didn't sound like illegal preteen nudists it came from my mouth.Orlando started pushing me backwards, never moving his hands from my head and my ass, until we hit the bed and I fell backwards onto it, Orlando's weight following me down and pressing me against the bed. I broke way from the kiss for a second to look into his burning eyes.'This is so Mills boy toplist preteen and Boon,' I muttered.Orlando grinned and dived back in to kiss me again, his legs lifting up the bed until he was straddling my middle, leaning down to kiss me, pressing my head into the soft mattress. He ground his hips gently into my crotch and I felt my cock respond by twitching inside my clothes, desperate to get out. I groaned more loudly this time, reaching up to stroke his muscles through his top, desperate to feel him close to me.Orlando sat back and grinned down at me for a second, before gripping the bottom of his top in both hands and pulling upwards. By 14yo preteen cp the time I'd registered what he was doing, the top was off and lying on the floor somewhere in the shadows. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that nonnude preteen teen the room was lit by candlelight, which added a flickering, sexy ambience to the already heated atmosphere.My eyes were drawn back to Orlando sitting atop me, looking down at me through eyes that preteen kissing videos were half-closed with desire. His tanned torso was covered in a light sheen of sweat that reflected the flickering light of sex pictures preteen the candles, making it look as though his body was sparkling with tiny beads of light. I watched a bead of sweat trickle between his muscular pecs and was suddenly overtaken with a desperate desire to preteen supermodel laurie dive between them and lick it up, but I was distracted as it continued its journey into the valley of his fully-formed six-pack, a perfect example of the male stomach, muscles gleaming nymphets gymnsists preteen in the candlelight, ending in a belly-button that began a treasure trail into the depths of his trousers.I suddenly became aware that Orlando was staring at me. I blinked back up at him, japanese preteen movies a little preteen daughter slut uncomfortable with the way his eyes were focused on my face.'What?'Orlando smiled down at me. 'You are so beautiful.'I felt a blush rising unbidden to my face. 'Oh, I'm not really -''Shut up,' Orlando said forcefully. 'You are beautiful, Matty, the most beautiful person I've ever known. There is no one I want to be with more. Just you.'I opened my mouth to speak again but he gently laid tender preteen sex a finger across my lips, then reached down preteen underwaer and took hold of the bottom of my tee before pulling it up and over my head. I felt completely self-conscious about being semi-naked underneath him, but the way he was preteen mini bikini looking at me cast all doubt aside. I reached up for him and he leant down to me, his lips crushing against mine once more, only this time pornotube erotic preteens I could feel his nipples brushing against mine, could feel tiny droplets of his sweat trickling onto my torso. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him down so that we were lying together on the bed, before executing a perfect roll and switching us so that I was straddling him. I rolled my hips against his groin for a second before giving him a grin.'So you can be graceful,' laughed Orlando softly.'when I need to be,' I grinned back, before sliding my hand down Orlando's hard, muscular stomach, feeling a shiver as my fingers brushed across his muscle, to the button on the top preteen anime sex of his trousers. I quickly unhooked it and pulled the zip down, revealing some CK boxers that were clearly holding a lot of something in.In a move that startled even me with its grace and accomplishment, I managed to balance on my feet while sliding his trousers down his muscular legs, tracing my hand down his thighs as I did so. I slid them off the end of his legs, taking the socks with them, and returned to my previous position, this time kneeling in between his legs, stroking the insides of his thighs. I saw him flinch as my hand slid down his legs again.'What?' I asked.'I hate my legs.''How? How do you hate your legs? They're sexy!''No, they're scrawny and horrible.'I responded by gently kissing my way from the thigh of his left leg down to the calf, and then back up his bills preteen clips right in reverse, which made him laugh softly under his breath and run his hands through my hair. Looking up at him, I suddenly realised that my masha preteen photos face was very close to his crotch and underground preteenj bbs the air seemed to thicken with tension for a second.I reached up a hand and slid a photo preteen nude finger under the waistband of his boxers. He was looking down at me, biting his free preteen cuties bottom lip as he watched my other hand slide up and join the first. I could see he was breathing heavy tight preteen panties from the rapid preteen art boys rise and fall of euro preteen his hard chest.I pulled myself further up the bed so that I had a better grip of his boxers. I looked up at Orlando, felt the heat between us as our eyes connected.'Do you want me to take them off?''Yeah,' he whispered. 'Take them off.'I thumbnail galleries preteen could feel his cock underneath the fabric, straining to be let loose, so I lifted the waistband up to avoid catching it before sliding it down, past his cock - which still brushed against the fabric - and halfway down his legs. I got them midway underground preteen whores down his thighs before I had to stop and look at the prize I'd unveiled.It was magnificent. At least nine inches long, cut, probably a little bit over, and thick enough that my fist wouldn't be able to reach hardcore preteen jpg all the way round. A drop of precum rested on the tip of his thick, purple head, and two big balls hung underneath that magnificent cock. I stared at it openly for a couple of seconds, almost unable to believe that it was so perfect, before Orlando's voice snapped me out of ruslana preteen model my reverie.'Could you at least almost legal preteen get my boxers all the way off? I can't move my legs.''Oh, sorry!' I gasped as european preteen sites I slid his boxers the rest of the way down his legs, before returning my gaze to his huge meat. 'I just -''I know, I'm magnificent,' he grinned.I looked up at him with wide eyes. 'Can I touch it?''That's art preteen naked kind of what I was hoping for,' he said, his eyes twinkling.I leaned forward and brushed my fingers against the soft, velvety skin of his dick, feeling the steel-hardness underneath. preteen gallery movies Orlando let out a sigh and his dick twitched, bouncing off my hand. I scooted forward and wrapped as much of my fist round his hard meat as I could, still marvelling at the size of his tiny russian preteen big shaft.My fist started slowly sliding up and down the big, fat cock while my fingers stroked the sensitive skin around his balls, occasionally cupping his balls in my hands. Orlando's preteen british pussy breathing was ragged now and he was watching me with shocking intensity, getting off on seeing me play with his dick.I decided to take things to the next level, scooting forwards a little farther. I waited for his eyes to droop closed and then leaned forwards, waiting until I preteen russia porn was in range and then gently flicking my tongue across his fat head, scooping up the precum onto my tongue.Orlando let out a shuddering gasp and his eyes flew open. He stared at me wide-eyed, and I grinned, keeping my eyes locked on his, and moved back down to lick at his head again. He groaned and threw his head back, preteen thong thumbnails and I took the opportunity to open my mouth wide and swallow as much as I could in one guy. Orlando made a noise somewhere between a yell and a gasp and I felt his hands on the back of my head, not pushing down but running through my hair, seeking contact as I swallowed the first seven inches of his cock. His grip on my hair tightened as I relaxed my throat muscles, breathing through my nose, and managed to swallow the final two inches, feeling the usual thrill of accomplishment as his pubes pressed preteen cute petite against my nose.'Fuck!' growled Orlando throatily. 'Fucking . . . fuck!' I could hear him gasping in between each word, his fingers tightening and loosening on my hair in time with the pulsing of his cock. Pressing my lips against the velvety skin of his shaft, I slid back upwards, resulting in a long drawn-out moan, until only the head was in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around, sliding it across his slick, precum-covered head while my fist continued jerking his cock, before burying my face in his pubes again, inhaling the rest of his cock with one long stroke. Orlando groaned loudly again, his hands gripping my head in place as I felt his hips push upwards, thrusting into my mouth.I kept this up for the next ten preteen models photography minutes, sliding backwards and forwards on his cock, preteens nudist free pulling off when I felt that he was close to the edge, bringing him back as he calmed himself down, until finally he pulled me off his cock himself. I tiny preteens sex looked at him confused until he pushed me backwards on the bed and busied himself in sliding my jeans down my legs, before gripping my boxers in both hands and, with a smile, pulling them off to send them the way of the rest of our clothes.Lying there, naked in the candlelight, I felt suddenly really self-conscious until I saw the way he was looking at me again, and I suddenly felt more at peace with the way I looked than I ever had before. There was such obvious attraction radiating from Orlando that it would have been impossible to feel bad about myself.He took my hard eight-inch cut cock in his hand and began to play with it, his hands sliding up and down the shaft, occasionally tweaking my balls, tickling the sensitive spot between my candid beach preteens cock and my ass, his fingers darting about on my crotch, modeling preteen service giving me sensation after sensation.When he took my cock in his mouth, I nearly screamed. The image was so erotic - Orlando Bloom, actor, celebrity and megastar, on his knees on the bed with his lips wrapped round my cock, sliding his face up and down my shaft while his fingers continued to preteen asian lesbain play with my balls. I could feel my hips thrusting upwards into his face, but he took my cock like a pro, pulling back when it got too much and breathing through his nose the whole time he was sucking my guestbook sex preteen dick.After a few minutes of preteen sex trailers his sucking while playing with my balls, his hands began to get a little more adventurous. paradise forum preteen His fingers trailed down underneath my balls, reaching for my ass, and I lifted myself up slightly to give him a better angle, biting my teeth with a gasp when I felt him tracing my hairless hole with a slender finger. He pulled off my cock just long enough to give his finger a wetting from the precum dripping from my tip before moving it preteens kissing pics back round, forcing another gasp from me as his finger slid into my hole while his mouth continued working my cock.As his finger worked its way deeper and deeper inside me and I felt a second, then a third enter my ass, I realised that this wasn't just stimulation to go with his sucking my cock - he was widening my ass, preparing it for the entry of his massive cock.I felt a tremor of excitement run through me at the thought that he was soon going to be inside me, with a sudden thrill of fear over the size of preteen xxx 12 his cock 100 preteen videos - but I pushed that aside. I'd taken eight-inchers before, what difference would another inch be?As Orlando pulled his finger out of my hole and pulled off my cock, grinning at me, I knew I was about to find out.He grabbed some vaseline off the preteenz preteenz bedside table - clearly Nina had him prepared well - shocking porn preteen and began asians preteen girls to work it into my tight hole before slathering up his big cock with a generous coating. After a couple of minutes, I watched in fascination as he spread my legs, lifting them up to rest on either side of his stomach on pillows he'd arranged, before placing the fat head of his cock against my tight, puckered hole.He looked deep into my eyes. 'I love you,' he said.And the head of his cock popper into my asshole.For a moment, there was just a whole lot of pain, but I'd preteen pics virgin been fucked enough times to know that the pain at the beginning is nothing compared to the pleasure you get at the end, so I gritted my teeth and closed my eyes as more and more of his cock slid into me. The pain was still present - you try taking nine inches up your ass - but as my hole was widened by his thickness and he started brushing against my prostate it was slowly replaced by pleasure, until the preteen hardcore images pain of his entry was almost completely deadened by preteens pornpictures the thrill of having such a big cock stretching my ass. I tightened my grip on his stomach with my legs, and reached up a hand to gently stroke his chest and stomach.He looked down at me, his body now dripping with sweat, and pushed some damp hair out of his eyes. His hands briefly massaged my nipples, before he moved one up to rest on my left shoulder and the other gripped my stomach on the right side. He leant forward in a brilliant display of flexibility until his mouth was by my ear, his hot preteen models fetisch breath making me tremble as it bloomed against my skin.'I'm going to fuck you,' he whispered softly into my ear. 'I'm going to make you feel so good.'I gasped with pleasure as his head dropped onto my neck, his lips pressing against my neck, his teeth gently nipping at the sensitive skin as he slowly started to withdraw his cock from my ass. I whimpered in pleasure as the thick shaft brushed my prostate, more and more sliding out of my ass until only the fat head was left - and then with a sudden, violent thrust he was balls-deep inside me once again, eliciting a yelp of pleasure/pain that he quickly silenced with his strong lips.While his lips crushed against mine, I wrapped my legs tightly round his stomach as his grip on my shoulder and stomach tightened, feeling the pressure of his fingertips against my skin, everywhere he touched tiny fires of passion burning bright until I could feel a pleasure trail of nerves across my body tingling with the sensation of hot, passionate sex. Orlando pulled back, his eyes burning into mine, and gasped once again, 'I preteen skirts pics love you,' before diving back in to kiss me as he began to fuck my ass in earnest.The slow, sensual build-up disappeared in a second as our primal instincts began to take over. My arms wrapped round his neck, download preteen porn pressing into his skin as his lips bruised mine, our tongues battling in his mouth, my cock on fire from the pleasure I was experiencing as preteen nonnude bbs his massive dick rammed little preteen webportal its way in and out of my ass. I could feel him moaning into my mouth on every thrust, gasping obscenities, his way of showing his pleasure as he fucked my ass hard, the speed increasing with every thrust.'Fuck, fuck, fuck, naked preteen loita fuck, oh preteen underground picture shit, fuck baby, so hot, so tight, so fucking tight baby oh God, oh fuck, I love fucking you, you're so hot baby, so fucking tight, I could fuck you nonnude nymphet preteen all day, oh shit top very preteen . . .'I pulled him tighter to me as he whispered curses into my mouth, feeling the words reverberating through my throat even when my ears didn't pick up on the sound, and I was soon joining in so that we weaved an incessant chorus of groaning and swearing, galleries sexy preteens pretty preteenns verbally encouraging each other as we picked up the pace.'Oh God, so big, so hard, so fucking big, love feeling you inside me baby, oh fuck, oh shit yeah, fuck me harder, I need you inside me baby, oh God you're so big . . .'His thrusts were becoming faster and more violent, the animals inside us beginning to sex of preteens respond to the heady atmosphere that the sex was encouraging. I started preteen sex skirts pushing my ass back to meet his thrusts, loving the feeling of being completely filled by this hot, sexy man, my man, filling me up and making me his, taking me completely preteen cunt shaved in some way that no other man had ever been able to manage.It felt for a moment as though we weren't in preteen boys naturism our bodies at all, as though our bodies were somewhere else and we were two spirits, writhing in the air, combining with each other, our essences moving japanese preteen upskirt from one to the other and back again, so that for brief seconds I thought I was looking at myself through Orlando's eyes, then back to staring at him again, 11yo preteen then feeling the way Orlando was feeling, his huge cock responding to the tightness of my ass, so that it almost seemed as preteen nude webring though I was getting fucked and fucking at the voyeur preteen candid same time. My senses weren't going to last long in this heightened state and I could feel myself - both of us - getting closer and closer with each passing thrust.Suddenly, as the moment of release approached we were back in our bodies, my hand clutching the back of password free preteen Orlando's head, gripping the damp hair, the other hand stroking against his waist even as his grip on my increased, his hard cock pounding into my ass with a desperate desire to unload.I felt myself teetering on preteen thong abercrombie the brink, desperate to release, and as though he was reading my mind Orlando reached down and took hold of my cock, his hand releasing my waist but free preteentits pics keeping hold of my shoulder, and began to jerk me in time with his hard, primal thrusts.The touch sven nn preteen of his hand combined with the feel of his huge cock spreading my ass so wide open pushed me towards the edge with an astonishing speed. Orlando, sensing I was close, 3d erotic preteen whispered in my ear, 'I love you, baby,' and I answered, desperately, as preteen miniskirt model I felt myself tip over the edge, 'I love you too!', my cock exploding in his hands, sticky, white-hot cum exploding from my shaft and splattering all over both of us, jet after jet of my cum landing on our hot, sticky chests as I pulled Orlando closer.He buried his lips against mine and roared an animal, unintelligible something into my throat as his grip on me tightened, holding me hard against him, and I felt his already huge cock swell to even bigger proportions inside my clenching hole, before he slammed his entire cock deep inside of me and roared again as his giant cock exploded; I could feel spurt after spurt of his hot, creamy spunk propelling itself up into my ass, could feel jet after jet of hot cum splattering against the walls of my passage.We lay there for a few moments more, panting, desperately trying to regain our senses as we recovered from a sexual intensity I'd never experienced before. Orlando's head was resting against my chest, his cock still buried in my ass as though it never wanted to come out. I heard him whisper, 'I really love you, Matty,' and I whispered back 'I really love preteens panties pics you too, baby,', before the feel of his hand stroking against my waist naturists preteens videos became too hypnotic, and I tangled my fingers in his hair before giving in to the exhaustion that was seeping through my bones in the wake of my orgasm, and drifted to sleep with the man of my dreams in my arms and his shaft still filling my ass.-------------------------------------------------------------------------Well, there you go. They've finally done it. What did you think? Are you turned on? I hope so, that was kind of the point. If you need a couple of minutes alone time, then go and do that now. Go on.There, that feel underage naked preteens better? nn preteen 101 Glad I could help.In chapter Ten, I have planned a very special event to mark Orli's tenth anniversary, very top secret, which may lead to it being a little bit late but don't worry! Work's already started on it! I hope you'll like it. Stay tuned.madi_mcfarlandhotmail.comKeep that feedback coming! I think I'm getting addicted! Until I preteen tasteful nude can get some sort of E-Mail Methodone . . . I'm relying on you people. :) Thank you for everything I've got so far . . . I love you for it!Oh, and I should also say, Orli's been recommended! Yay us! So thanks to DM, who recommended me in his story 'No Will of My Own' in the Celebrity section, about the rather handsome Sir William of Young. Go check it out.Maddyx x xP.S. I'm still catching up on E-Mails! I haven't forgotten you!
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